Timing REALLY Is Everything

Happy Friday Everyone!

Something that has been on my mind since I posted yesterday about the incredible growth within our Speed and Accuracy TEAM at Sanki Global USA and I wanted to take a quick moment and iterate something very important in relation to the FACT the Timing REALLY Is Everything.

I know we have all heard it before but I am not sure if most folks really grasp or understand how powerful this concept can be.

Now, there’s the obvious: ‘Oh Man! It’s a good thing we stopped at the intersection because we would have been killed by that oncoming train!!’…

And the not-so-obvious: ‘If only we had known how big Nike was going to get, we would’ve bought in for only that meager $1500 they offered us that position for……’. See what I mean? Sometimes it’s just not so easy to tell when you are in the right place at the right time or not.

I have a barometer that I like to use. I call it Momentum. I have seen it in action several times throughout my Life and in my business career as well; and when you actually get to be a part of it, it can be really fun and exciting. I know when it (Momentum) is starting to occur because I wake up in the morning and check my back office and there are more people on the TEAM than there were when I went to sleep the night before…this is completely awesome. Especially when they are folks I don’t even know personally, and they are from other countries. These are exciting details to me, let me tell you.

And at the end of the day that’s really what we as marketers are all working so hard to attain, the Holy Grail of income generation- Residual Income. Mailbox money. You know, the kind of money you make when you build a good, solid network of like-minded folks who have/see the same Vision for the future; Prosperity and Abundance and Well-Being and Freedom through helping others achieve the same.

Like Robert Kiyosaki said, “Those who build networks get rich while everyone else looks for work”. Truer words have never been spoken.

But back to Timing. The reason I think Timing is so important is because if you position yourself in front of the right trends in the market at just the right time, you don’t even have to be that good at what you do. You can be new. You can be from another industry altogether and still achieve tremendous results just by being in the right place at the right time. We have had almost 20 folks join our Speed and Accuracy TEAM with Sanki Global USA in just over 72 hours now, approx. And as I mentioned above, I do not know these folks. That is Pure Leverage. And all because I had the ability to recognize disruptive technology when I saw it and I was bold enough to Take Action.

And that is really what it comes down to now for you. I share my stories and opinions on why I think Sanki Global is one of the greatest companies I have seen in years with  their revolutionary products, incredible company support and an amazing financial opportunity for anyone here in the USA, or any country in the world for that matter. I provide links for your review. What you Choose to do with this information is of course entirely up to you.

I would highly recommend taking the SankiTour at our website, do some research and if you get the Vision of what we are going to do here in the US with Sanki Global, then don’t waste any time. Enroll Now, get in touch with me ASAP, let’s get your questions answered and then let’s get to work. Work once, get paid forever. I have always liked that philosophy.

Until next time, Make It A Great Day!!

And remember, only You can Choose where You will be in 5 years. One thing is FOR SURE, You will be 5 years older. Will Life be any different for You then?


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