The Sanki Global USA Blue Ocean Strategy

Just a quick note to tell you all about a business strategy, a really cool one if you ask me and it’s the Sanki Global USA Blue Ocean strategy.
I have been trying to write the best description I can of how crucial this can be to your company and business approach but the guys who wrote this Wikipedia are far more advanced than I could ever be.
Take a look at this link, especially the part about Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean business strategy and let me know what you think, I think this is such an amazing way to look at business and the World in general.
It’s nice to know that the folks who are at the helm of our company, Sanki Global USA not only firmly believe in this business approach, but they have devised a business plan that can enable all of us to be able to create our own Blue Ocean of Opportunity and take our Lives and our businesses to the next level.
Live YOUR Dreams!!


2 thoughts on “The Sanki Global USA Blue Ocean Strategy

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