We Are Looking For Leaders with Sanki Global USA

We are really Looking For Leaders, is that You?

If you are, I am happy to share what’s got me excited nowadays. It’s really quite an interesting story about the next 100 year company, Sanki. And we NEED Leaders like you.

A 20 year old research and development company (in Nutrition) that holds the key active ingredients to reactivating human Mitochondria……

We have had an explosive growth spurt with over 160 folks joining the team in about 3 months (over 30 last month!) and we haven’t even officially launched yet. Really looking for strong Leaders to help us bring these incredibly powerful active ingredients to the US market in 2014 and beyond. Successful sales in Japan and Europe with over 13,000,000 satisfied consumers. My personal sponsor has about 90,000 folks in his organization and I really love putting serious professional people on the phone with him…

We are pretty excited around here and just getting started!

I will look forward to hearing back from you when it’s convenient. Until then, Make It A Great Day!!



4 thoughts on “We Are Looking For Leaders with Sanki Global USA

      • I don’t believe I did that , and if I did it was for a very good reason like u didn’t respond to my calls or emails
        or possibly that I heard about it simultaneously from several people or my previous upline I try to be loyal whats your number

      • All Good Roland!! no hard feelings or animosity – would love to catch up when you have time – Exciting things in the works on our latest TEAM Build – Call when you have a few minutes to chat – And Make It A Great Day!!


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